About Us

South Fork Resort was opened in 1988. Since that time, South Fork Resort has been serving the Mark Twain Lake area with its lodging and convenience store. In August of 2001, Larry and Terra Douglas purchased the resort from Jim. South Fork Resort experienced a surge in business over the next few years as Larry and Terra made numerous improvements, including adding a swimming pool, kids playground and converting four motel rooms into two kitchenettes.

In November of 2007, Ron and Mary Gillitzer purchased the resort and restaurant/bar building from Larry and Terra. Over the winter of 2007, the restaurant side of the restaurant/bar building was converted to a house. Ron and Mary were able to move from central Illinois into the house in early April of 2008.

Ron & Mary were born and raised in central Minnesota. They married in 1979 and have two children. They grew up in rural communities much the like Mark Twain Lake area. Enjoying the outdoors, whether camping, fishing, hunting, or just relaxing at the lake has always been part of their lives.

Ron has been in the electric motor repair business since 1981. Over the years, he worked his way up from the shop floor to shop management. With the purchase of the resort and the move to Missouri, Ron moved from management to sales and is now covering the Missouri, Iowa, and western Illinois territory four days a week for the same company he worked for in Illinois since 1999.

Mary has 10 years of experience selling real estate and rental property management. She also has many years of experience in restaurant and convenience store management/operation. Mary will use that knowledge and experience to manage and improve the convenience store and resort.

Over the years, through maintaining rental properties, home projects and repairs, remodeling multiple houses together, and their professional experience, they have gained a lot of the experience and skills needed to maintain, repair and improve the resort and convenience store. As with anything, but especially in rentals, things will stop working or worse... whether it is a plumbing problem, electrical problem, or anything else, they have the skills and tools to quickly resolve the issue.

Their son, Travis, lives in the Kansas City area with his wife Erin and their two children, Brooklyn and Benjamin. He will provide technical services, maintain the website, and add technology improvements to the resort where possible. Their daughter, Heidi, is married to MJ Kraft and live in Nevada. They have three boys; Andrew, Nathan, and Travis. Heidi will help with the bookkeeping and both will help around the resort when they come over to visit.